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Checklist Pro

Checklist Pro is now certified for Tokyo!

Checklist Pro creates custom checklists for any ServiceNow table.  This innovative tool gives you the ability to create checkbox items and choose when they should appear, assign who can edit the Checklist, and define rules for closing. Productivity will increase with the easy to view summary dashboard showing which checklists need to be completed.  Checklist Pro will reduce errors, provide necessary quality assurance, optimize response time and drive process improvement. Ensure best practices every time...check!

Latest Version Updates

Checklists on any ServiceNow record


Checklists on Catalog Items and Record Producers


Many Checklist Item Data Types: checkbox, textbox, number, date, choice, reference, HTML

Enforcement of "Required" items

Cascading Checklists (checklist within checklists)

Shared Checklists (same checklist shared across multiple records)

Built-in and customizable "Validation" functions

Cost Effective

Inexpensive solution for process improvement


Once configured, the Checklists are automatically created


No restriction on the number of Checklists

User Friendly

Checklist displays directly on the task at hand


Make checkboxes required and assign who can complete them


Status reporting and dashboard enabled


Service portal and mobile devices


Create Checklists for ISO, SOX, and NERC-CIP

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