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Checklist Pro - Configuration
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Checklist Pro - Configuration
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Checklist Pro - Installation

Checklist Pro - Installation

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Checklist Pro - Form and Portal Setup

Checklist Pro - Form and Portal Setup

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Here you can find guided how to videos on: installation, group setup, form and portal setup, business rule setup, non standard table setup, configuration, and full auto setup. For additional questions/ concerns, visit our FAQ's below or Contact Us to email TyGR your question.


1. Checklists are not visible on the intended records.

Here a list of common things to check:

  • Did the ServiceNow System Admin (SN-SA) add the Checklist Pro Formatter to the form view?

  • Is the Checklist Configuration ‘Active’?

  • Was the correct Table selected for the Checklist Configuration?

  • Are the Creation Conditions being met?  A quick test would be to go to the list view of that table and enter the "create condition" query logic.  If you do not see your record, then your query is incorrect and is not triggering the creation of your checklist.  NOTE – you may have to impersonate the specified user or assignment group based on the create condition.

  • If Portal view, did the SN-SA add the Checklist Pro widget to the "Ticket Form" page?



2. Why is the Checklist read-only?

If no Edit Conditions are set the Checklist is read-only for everyone. If Edit Conditions are set but cannot be updated by the intended audience, review the Edit Conditions in the Checklist Configuration. Reference Step 5 – Set Edit Conditions.

3. When attempting to set Close Conditions, it is prevented with a popup warning System Admins.

Close Conditions can only be set on Tables that have the “Before Insert / Update Business Rule” set.  This action can only be performed by a ServiceNow System Admin. Reference Section 3.1.2. for the Close Condition Prerequisite on the User Guide.

4. Trying to close a record but the Checklist is preventing it?

The Close Condition defined for the checklist appearing on this record is set to enforce the completion of any ‘Required’ checkbox items before the record can close. Reference Section 5.4.2. for details on Enforce options on the User Guide.


5. What if the Checklist Configuration changed and existing Checklist Items need replaced?

A Re-Compute Items can be performed.  

There is a special character on the Checklist (Information Field).

The Information Field is an HTML field which allows the insert of images, hyperlinks and text.  ServiceNow’s default HTML editor may insert the "non-breaking space character" (or " ").  To remove the " ” switch to "source code" mode and remove "non-breaking space character" that ServiceNow inserted.

6. Unable to add Checklist Pro to the ServiceNow mobile application?

Checklist Pro checklists are displayed as formatters which are not supported by the Mobile Application.  However, checklists can be seen on mobile devices using the Service Portal if the SN-SA has added the widget.  On the mobile device, click the additional actions icon in the upper right corner (icon with 3 lines) and then select the Service Portal Home and navigate to the record (thus Checklist Pro checklist can be seen from the mobile device).

7. Unable to add "Checklist Pro" to a list view?

Checklist Pro displays checklists on tables by using a Formatter which are only visible in form views, not list views.

8. Unable to export "Checklist Pro" to PDF?

Checklist Pro displays checklists on tables by using a Formatter.  Formatter elements cannot be exported to PDF, thus when attempting to export a record with a checklist on it to PDF, the checklist will not appear in the PDF file.

9. How are Required Checkbox Items distinguished from the non-required Checkbox Items?

Required Checkbox Items are underlined.

10. Is there a way to add additional information to my checklist explaining to the fulfiller what they need to do?

Yes.  This is the purpose of the ‘Information’ field on the Checklist Configuration.  

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