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Prior to the formation of TyGR LLC, President and Founder, Ty Roach along with key team members: Sherry Cline (Director of Program Management) and Joon Suh (Software Development Lead) led the effort to transition DOE OCIO from Remedy onto ServiceNow. Below are the customer success highlights that the TyGR team has accomplished for DOE thus far.

  • Established Single Sign-On access to ServiceNow across the Department of Energy (DOE)enterprise, comprising 70+ program offices and 150,000+ active users; LDAPS and Data Transforms maintain data integrity with SAMLv2 authentication with federated Identity Providers

  • Transformed DOE’s data call process (previously spreadsheets/emails) as a custom scoped app fulfilling the federally mandated Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) across 70+ program offices and hundreds of data centers; utilized Workflows, Demand, Project, Performance Analytics, Service Catalog, Knowledge Base, Service Portal applications

  • Integrated Nlyte’s DCIM ordering system via Service Catalog, utilized Performance Analytics and Dashboards for trending and analysis; Service Portal and classic UI support provided to end users and fullers respectively; access controls based on security and governance requirements

  • Established community of interest portal with Community Forums, Knowledge Base, Guided Tours and Surveys

  • Evaluated Software Asset Management for Making Electronic Government Accountable By Yielding Tangible Efficiencies (MEGABYTE) Act; based on budgetary restrictions implemented a minimally viable, cost effective pilot solution leveraging CMDB for software license allocations

  • Evaluated Application Portfolio Management to support DOE’s Application Rationalization effort; based on budgetary restrictions implemented a minimally viable, cost effective custom app alternative; leveraged DCOI data call to gather application intelligence

  • Proof-of-Concept work with the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) suite with integrations to SPLUNK, data normalization/enrichment tools like Technopedia’s Flexera for end-of-life / end-of-support purposes

  • Ongoing support and development for DOE’s 21st Century Act applications; integration with LOGIN.GOV SSO to public facing ServiceNow; integration with open source tools for digital signature; eSignature approvals and web-based forms

  • Collaborated with ServiceNow and DOE SNUG for FedRAMP High migrations

  • Creation and maintenance of documentation necessary for Authority to Operate (ATO)

  • Integrated an Identity Management Oracle Database with ServiceNow; Established JDBC Import Set collection and Transform Map conversion logic

  • Integrated IT Asset Management System at DOE (Sunflower) with ServiceNow; developed two-way interface for collecting data from/to Sunflower using JDBCProbe

  • Integrated with BigFix for handling of quarantined assets

  • Integrated with Cisco CTI -supporting incident screen pop to Service Desk

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