Role Based Entitlement Access Management (RBEAM)

Using the powerful combination of ServiceNow and Checklist Pro, TyGR created the Role Based Entitlement Access Management (RBEAM) application allowing customers to:

  • Define role (responsibility) attributes and associate them with any Entitlement (Service Offering)

  • Catalog Item for requesting new access, updating existing access (role/responsibilities) and access de-activation to any Entitlement (Service Offering)

  • Workflow with 2-phase review/approval process and service administrator tasking for fulfillment

  • “Model After” capability allowing review team to quickly change roles based on any user

  • Interactive dashboard to analyze user/entitlement combinations

  • Support audits and other IGA regulatory/compliance requirements


For information such as purchasing, demo requests and all other RBEAM inquiries, visit the Contact Us page to connect with the TyGR team.