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All About Checklist Pro

Checklist Pro is a no-code / low-code ServiceNow platform enhancement tool for your development staff (pro and citizen developers alike) to expand their options for providing optimal solutions on the ServiceNow platform. We have customers in both commercial and public sectors.

We are happy to provide product demonstrations and trial/evaluation access to our Checklist Pro ServiceNow store application.

TYGR LLC is a Premier ServiceNow Technology Partner and Public Sector Partner:

Checklist Pro in the ServiceNow App Stores (Federal & Commercial)

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Contact Info

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Supported User Interfaces

  • UI16 (Jelly-based forms)

  • Service Portal (AngularJS pages)

  • Future releases will support Workspaces.

Easy form-based UI for configuring checklists.

  • Unlimited number of checklists

  • Unlimited number of users / groups

  • Unlimited custom extensions

Checklist can appear on any record in ServiceNow.

  • Most commonly on task records and approval records

  • Any record in service now (custom or global scope)

  • Even supported on record producers and catalog items

Variety of checklist item types

  • Checkboxes

  • Textboxes

  • Numbers

  • Dates

  • Customizable choice lists

  • Reference records

  • HTML objects

Support for "Required" checklist items (as well as optional)

  • Prevents closure of checklist-hosting record until all required items have been completed.

Checklist Item Validation

  • 18 built-in validations

  • Custom built validations easily added.

Hide or Read-only Checklist Item Override

  • 8 build-in functions

  • Custom built functions easily added.

Allow for cascading checklists.

  • Checklists within other checklists (as one item completes, other sub-items are exposed)

Checklist Governance

  • Define when a particular checklist is created.

  • Define when the checklist is editable.

  • Define conditions for when the hosting record (holding the checklist) is considered closed.

  • Customizable "Processing" button to allow for special checklist processing operations.

    • OOB - configurable option for displaying alerts and triggering workflow events.

Shareable Checklists

  • The same checklist accessible across multiple ServiceNow records

  • Example: Group Approval (individual user approvals can all refer to the same checklist)

ServiceNow Subscriber License Saving Options

  • Built-in “Terms of Use” workflow + checklist for securely capturing attestation of rules of behavior without misusing (over-using) Approvals or Tasks.

  • Generic Checklist Record accessible by free “Requester” type users for Task replacement within Flow Designer and legacy Workflows.

No-Code Functionality

  • Checklists Pro works with Platform UI ("classic" forms, UI16) and Service Portal

  • Add a checklist to a record (table) using condition builder.

    • Checklist can be added to any table in ServiceNow.

    • Supports Record Producer and Catalog Item input request forms too.

  • Determine who can edit the checklist using condition builder.

  • Determine enforcement of required checklist items on a record using condition builder.

  • Enforcement of required attachments (with configurable regex-based naming convention checks)

  • Create a shared checklist based on reference fields on a table.

  • Add a processing button to a checklist using condition builder.

    • Invoke a user defined workflow event upon button click.

  • Configurable HTML header before checklist items

  • Cascading checklist (i.e., checklist within a checklist)

  • Variety of Checklist Item types

    • Checkbox, HTML, choice, number, reference, date, text

  • Checklist item validations

    • 18 pre-built validations and growing.

  • Hide / Read-only checklist item override options.

    • Condition builder and built-in functions.

  • Generic "Checklist Record" allowing for ServiceNow Business Stakeholder and Fulfiller subscription reduction options.

    • Legacy Workflow for convenient drag-n-drop into workflow

    • Flow Designer option for drag-n-drop into a flow.

    • Email notifications for creating and re-assignment of Checklist Record.

    • Service Portal Main Menu item for showing Checklist Records assigned to you.

  • Pre-built "Terms of Use" checklist and workflow / flow

  • All checklist item data accessible and usable in out-of-the-box ServiceNow reports and dashboards.

  • Database Views for useful platform and commonly occurring business use cases.

    • CLP CI: Joins CMDB and Checklist Pro Items tables.

    • CLP Approval: Joins the Approval and Checklist Pro Items tables.

    • CLP CHG: Joins the Change Request and Checklist Pro Items tables.

    • CLP CLA: Joins the Checklist Pro Record and Items tables.

    • CLP License: Joins various ServiceNow tables allowing for determining the type of license for any ServiceNow user.

    • CLP RITM: Joins the Requested Item and Checklist Pro Items tables.

    • CLP Task: Joins the Task and Checklist Pro Items tables.

Low-Code Functionality

  • Customer extensible Checklist Creation functions.

  • Customer extensible Checklist Editing functions.

  • Customer extensible Checklist Sharing functions.

  • Customer extensible Checklist Closed Record handling functions.

  • Customer extensible Button Processing functions.

  • Customer extensible Validation functions.

  • Customer extensible Hide and Read-only functions.

  • Checklist Pro API library, for programmatic access to internal checklist utilities

    • Create a Checklist

    • Copy a Checklist

    • Is Checklist Item visible.

    • Is Checklist Item editable.

    • Various Get/Set Checklist Item value functions.

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