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Checklist Pro - Essential Tool for DOE's Web Modernization Project

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

The U.S. Department of Energy maintains over 4,000 websites across the entire enterprise. The Web Modernization Project was initiated to control and monitor compliance for all of DOE websites. Checklist Pro is the essential tool used by DOE in the Web Modernization Project to guarantee compliance for every single website.

In order to begin the first phase of the web modernization project, Checklist Pro was used to indicate objectives that each website was required to meet in accordance to the HR 5759 bill, otherwise known as the 21st Century Act.

The Checklist provided a no code option for the website owners to report their data easily. As you can see below, the first round of compliance reporting was available for the users to simply check the box of each objective that their website was in accordance with. 

Once all 4,000 websites submitted their data, a robust report listing all the non compliant websites was generated and sent to Congress. 

After Congress received the list, phase two, the mitigation phase, was initiated (this is currently in progress). Website owners are required to mitigate their websites to comply with the bill. A second wave of data collection w

ill be submitted to update the website compliance list in the very near future.

In short, Checklist Pro provides the Department of Energy a solid baseline for their reoccurring and crucial data calls.  The innovative and user friendly tool ensures compliance, risk mitigation, and provides quality reports to support DOE nationwide.

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