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Checklist Pro Powers Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) COVID-19 IT Property Request Solution

Using Checklist Pro on the ServiceNow platform, Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) developed a fully functional COVID-19 IT Property Request solution overnight, literally, in 24 hours!

The customer determined which IT assets needed to be tracked for employees borrowing equipment...a 5 minute exercise (by non-developers) in Checklist Pro. With Checklist Pro configured and a Service Portal banner announcement providing one click access to the IT Property Request catalog item, the employees were off and running requesting equipment to bring home.

With the new completely digitized process in place, employees can submit their IT Property Request form (to bring home more equipment or account for equipment already brought home), completing the Checklist Pro checklist and submitting for supervisor approval. From there, another Checklist Pro checklist allows the supervisor to "approve", "reject" or ask the employee to "try-again" (vs. rejecting and starting over).

Also integrated with the Checklist Pro checklist, a one-click item providing a convenient way to task the Tier-2 Desktop Support group for help disassembling / reassembling the equipment.

The data collected from Checklist Pro's IT Property Request solution powers reports and dashboard providing on-demand access to employee / asset information and can be used again when employees return to the office.

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