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Checklist Pro to Manage Oracle Financials

One of TyGR LLC's premier customers is using Checklist Pro to manage access to Oracle Financials.  Currently, there are over 800 users with varying types of access to this software package. Prior to Checklist Pro, the process for managing each user's financial responsibilities was loosely done over emails and spreadsheets creating a time consuming nightmare for validation and audits. Using the powerful combination of ServiceNow and Checklist Pro, TyGR created a catalog item and workflow to capture new requests, update existing configurations, and deactivate responsibilities all in one Checklist, thus, keeping record of all Oracle Financial roles (responsibilities) for each person in one place.  This allowed for improved transparency, organization, and automation for enabling and disabling access to the folks using the service while simultaneously providing the evidence capture needed for audit time (e.g. who approved it, when it was granted, justifications for the request).

The Checklist designed by TyGR provided a consistent, no-code option that was quickly integrated into the solution and provided an intuitive user experience. 

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