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Checklist Pro (v1.9.11)

Version 1.9.11 of Checklist Pro is now available. This version has several new and interesting features as well as important bug fixes:

New Features

  • Hide and read-only. Provides a way to selectively hide a checklist item (and all of its descendant items) or make them read-only based on 8 different built-in functions:

  • In Group

  • Not In Group

  • In Department

  • Not In Department

  • At Location

  • Not At Location

  • Is VIP

  • Is NOT VIP

Also includes option for hiding or making read-only based on condition builder

queries against the record that the checklist is on. Click to Watch Video.

  • CLP License Database View. Interested in knowing if a user record is a "Fulfiller", "Business Stakeholder" or "Requester", the new "CLP LIcense" Database View (x_tygr_check_dv_license) joins the User Table, with the License Role and the User Role table so that you don't have to (because every DB View you create, counts against your alotted custom table count - so we're doing you this favor)!

· Additionally, we added two new API calls to a new script include:

x_tygr_check.LicenseUtil().getUserLicenseType (user_sys_id)

o You pass the sys_id of the user and the function

returns “Fulfiller” | “Business Stakeholder” | “Requester”, depending on what

that user is.

x_tygr_check.LicenseUtil().isUserLicenseType(user_sys_id, license_type)

o valid license types are “Admin”, “Approver”, “Business Stakeholder”, “Fulfiller”,


o returns “unknown” (if user cannot be found) | “true” | “false”.

  • Checklist Overview Dashboard. Reports showing any open Checklist Records assigned to you, unassigned open Checklist Records assigned to your groups and all open Checklist Records by group.

  • Improved Checklist Record. We added the "number", "state" and "short description" fields to the Checklist Record Portal page. The “Completed” button now says “Complete” and has hover-over text. The “Incomplete” button has been changed to “Cancel” and includes hover-over text. An instructional blurb was added under the “Assigned To” field to inform users that the action buttons will appear once a user is selected and the “Save” button is pressed.

  • Added Validation Routines. URL, Zip Code, IP address (ipv4 and ipv6), Is Date on Weekend, Is Date on Weekday.

  • Improved Logging.

Bug Fixes

  • Textbox checklist items would lose focus 1.5 seconds after you stopped typing.

  • Checklist Configuration condition builder corrected issue with “^NQ” (logical OR) queries.

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