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iVision - A Checklist Pro Customer

As part of iVision’s IT support for clients, requests are frequently submitted for iVision engineers and analysts to access client environments and systems, each with their own specific requirements, options, and security levels. Prior to having Checklist Pro, a shared, pre-formatted PDF template that was customized for each request was used, along with personalized spreadsheets and shared word documents. However, the hardcoded options in the PDF template made it difficult to update and maintain, and the inconsistencies across different copies of the document often led to confusion about the current options available.

To address these challenges, iVision developed an automated workflow that streamlines the process of requesting and granting access. This workflow leverages a service catalog Checklist Pro checklist and a single catalog item to trigger the process. The catalog item includes a few baseline questions about who is requesting access, the reason for the request, and the duration of access required. The checklist contains all available clients and their associated access options, enabling users to select the appropriate access directly from the checklist. This approach has significantly reduced the complexity of the process, improved efficiency and accuracy while reducing errors and confusion.

After the requester fills out the checklist and catalog item form correctly and submits the request, any required approvals are automatically generated and sent out. Upon approval, a script executes querying the checklist responses, mapping them into an HTML template that resembles the original PDF form, listing all selected options and requester information in a single HTML string. Simultaneously, a task is created to fulfill the access requests, which is routed to the fulfillment team. Another script is triggered to convert the HTML string into a clean, branded PDF document that is attached to the task and ready to be sent to clients upon creation.

This workflow process simplifies updating client access options in the checklist and reduces the need for multiple individuals and manual actions. Moving away from hardcoded PDF templates and personal documents also minimizes the risks associated with shared templates for standardized processes. This method saves time by streamlining approvals, creating client accounts, and communicating and gathering information, with an average time savings of two to three hours per request.

If this workflow had been built using out-of-box functionality in ServiceNow, creating, and maintaining variable sets for each client and dynamically referencing specific variables for clean mapping to the PDF would be time-consuming and overly complicated. Additionally, granting catalog administrator access to a large group of individuals solely for updating and maintaining access options would be necessary.

Using Checklist Pro allowed for the creation of checklists and definitive lists of options in one location, saving on license counts and making it easier for the group responsible for maintaining access options to update them for any client. Updating the checklist is a more straightforward process than updating service catalog variables or variable sets and is more user-friendly for those who do not frequently use ServiceNow. This results in a standardized, automated process that can be triggered with minimal inputs and a few clicks, making it easy to produce, maintain, and use.

Corporate Background

iVision corporation was founded in 2004 as a private company located in Atlanta, Georgia. The aim was to offer IT services with a unique approach that emphasized people over products, through a client-centric and engineer-based approach that set the company apart from competitors. Over the years, iVision has continued to expand their solutions and offerings, while building strong relationships with trusted clients and partners, including well-known companies such as Verizon, Rollins, King & Spalding, Brink's, and the Atlanta Braves. Primary areas of focus include cloud, security, network, data center, digital workspace, and IT workflow.

To further increase capacity to provide complete solutions, iVision partnered with CIVC in 2020 to enhance our scale and velocity. In 2021, Carve Systems was acquired to augment cybersecurity services, followed by the acquisition of Plus+ Consulting in 2022, which helped to reinforce expertise in Microsoft cloud and cybersecurity service areas.

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