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Saving $$,$$$ Using Checklist Pro

Updated: Jan 30

A hydro-power transmission organization using ServiceNow is facing a dilemma. Drought conditions are reducing power production revenues requiring cuts in budget across the board. These cuts affect IT and are forcing a reduction in ServiceNow subscription licenses.

Using Checklist Pro, a ServiceNow Store application by TYGR LLC, this customer solved several license consuming situations.

Case 1: Employees could request a work phone but had to agree to the "Rules of Behavior" associated with the device. The prior implementation solved this using "approval" requests. That resulted in many free ("Requester") end users becoming paid ("Business Stakeholder") licensed users. The solution- replace the "approval" requests with a Checklist Record to the end-user, who would review the Rules of Behavior in the Checklist and complete the required assertions specified in Terms of Use. This change alone resulted in a year-to-date savings preventing 160+ one-time approvers from transitioning from free "Requester" types to paid "Business Stakeholder" users on an annual basis.

Case 2: Various workflows assigned catalog tasks to Security Guards to enable or disable badge access to facilities. As a result, this team became ITIL "Fulfiller" users due to receiving a task to update information in the Physical Access Control System (PACS). The solution - convert these workflow activities from ITIL-based TASKS into Checklist Records to enable / disable access, saving 16 "Fulfiller" licenses.

Case 3: Having seen the success and savings from the Security Guards effort, other non-Fulfiller groups (e.g. Procurement, Finance and Property Management) that were assigned ITIL roles and thus billed as "Fulfillers", went through a similar conversion. Workflows creating ITIL-based TASKS to these groups were replaced with Checklist Records, saving an additional 40 "Fulfiller" licenses.

Using Checklist Pro to correct these wasteful implementation processes saved over $80,000.00, allowing the organization to invest in Integration Hub Pro in 2023.

Want to save money too or just learn more? Contact us to schedule a demo at You can also request an evaluation / trial of Checklist Pro in your non-prod enviroments. Just go to Checklist Pro in the store and click the "Request Trial" button.

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